• Margaret Czajewski’s Dental Research is Better Because of Experience

  • Posted on December 20, 2018
  • Margaret Czajewski

    Dr. Margaret Czajewski’s career in the dental profession features plenty of extensive  and very diverse experience, including the two years she operated a general dental practice in Elgin, Illinois, where she treated patients by performing nearly any procedure they needed. Dr. Margaret Czajewski is interested in making her dental profession things better. For example, she is quite active in the development of new patented technologies that are directly related to skin rejuvenation.

    Right now, Margaret Czajewski is in the process of conducting clinical trials for Alma Lasers in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, for example, and her use that company’s latest skin rejuvenation technology is considered groundbreaking. In addition to her important research work, Margaret Czajewski also is attempting to ensure that she keeps up with her continuing education. That is why she maintains a schedule that can only be called hectic. She understands well that it is very important to stay current with the latest technologies and procedures in the dental profession, which is her lifeblood.

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